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Rescuers snatch 7 from Blake Sea waters

In Blake Sea, Flight on June 7, 2016 at 1:38 pm

June, 7  (Blake Sea)  – A long flight could’ve turned tragic this afternoon with seven on board if not for the quick action of its crew and the SL rescue services.  The vintage Ju-52, nearly 70 years old, had been making its voyage from Norway to White Star International Airport, a nearly uneventful trip.  However, just feet from the runway, some supernatural occurrence transpired, turning the plane towards the water.  Too late for the pilot to take any corrective action, the plane crashed to the bottom of the sea.


Quick thinking by the crew allowed everybody to float in the warm tropical waters until rescuers arrived.  After a period of waiting, a joint operation by the Virtual Coast Guard and Second Life Coast Guard rescued all of the passengers and crew, bringing them to Cheerport.


Passenger Yettie Glom says that a flight and a cruise wasn’t what she had bargained for.  Meanwhile, this reporter doesn’t have to say it twice, it’s good to be on dry land.