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City Benefactor resolves the Sloth Crisis

In Uncategorized on September 8, 2017 at 2:43 pm

With no one able to resolve the Lapara town crisis, the cities business community stepped up to resolve the episode of the sloth.  After much investigating, and planning, they decided to solve the problem head-on, in a bold manner…a very risky manner.

The owner of Clownski’s Department Store, enlisted the help of the Blue Beetle to truck in a fully-loaded Ice Cream Bar!  Coaxing the sloth over, Mr. Clownski himself, performing his civic duty, and the Blue Beetle satisfied the sloth with a fully loaded Ice Cream Sundae loaded with jimmies.



Fully satiated, the sloth has promised to stop causing problems in town.  The city is expected to be cleaned up soon, and power restored shortly.

Mr. Clownski has shown, that to satisfy all your needs, to always go to Clownski’s Department Store first!  We’ve earned a loyal customer, and we hope you will become loyal too.

Do as the sloth does, and say, “I got it at Clownski’s!”



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