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Indoor Pool open throughout the Holiday Weekend

In Beauty, Lapara, Weekend update on August 31, 2018 at 5:57 pm

For this Labor Day, Lapara, and possibly the mainlands only indoor pool is waiving it’s admission of membership fees! Come, relax, mingle with the locals. Always climate controlled!


Major Sinkhole Develops on route 184

In Lapara, Weekend update on August 17, 2018 at 6:30 pm

Today it was discovered a massive sinkhole appeared on the scenic bypass of Route 1. The road is now closed and the Astarte Expressway is not reachable. Roads have been closed from the bridge of FM184 at the gas station, to the western portion of Route 1, and the expressway in the Astarte Tunnel.


In all seriousness, it likely has something to do with an illegal land spliter one sim over. Linden Lab rules clearly state that one may not buy land to immediately land-cut for the purpose of reselling for a profit. However, this is what occurs in all surrounding parcels, and is an un-enforced rule. A portion of the Astarte Tunnels description has been preserved, as a land-cutter originally messed with the parcels in Astarte when this went to auction, and started immediately abandoning strips of land for their whacked-out parcel cutting sizes.
You’d think the business geniuses would offer to sell adjoining land to the major landholder instead of cutting parcels poorly and abandoning strips of it at random.

Policy Prohibiting Land-Cutting

In general residents are welcome to subdivide larger parcels of land that they occupy into smaller parcels. Subdivision is considered “land cutting” when a resident extensively subdivides land into smaller parcels for the purpose of further “renting” or “selling” those parcels — and it is not allowed. Other prohibited land cutting includes subdividing land in a manner that decreases the ability of other residents to enjoy their land, collaborate and/or exercise land-management controls, or in a way that constitutes harassment of another resident.