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A view from above

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Thanks to a neighbors platform.



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The Trip in a Virtual World

When I left off this account, we were just approaching the end of The Great Wall at Athetis, where it looked like it was about to come to an abrupt end and leave us with a long drop. Of course, If I’d read the Guide Book, I’d not have been concerned:

Access from the heights of the wall has been made down to ground level by a trestle ramp of heavy timber construction, strong enough for most vehicles, horses, camels, elephants … whatever one’s choice of transportation. (Second Life Wiki)

Must remember to come this way by elephant next time!

There was a little jump down onto the ramp, and the HIgh Mountain Road opened out in front. The horses snorted their approval of the softer going under hoof and picked up the pace. Day broke on us again as we rode along by wooded hillsides and under the…

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