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2019 Lapara Restoration Project (LRP)

In Lapara on April 10, 2019 at 6:00 am

The major restoration project is underway!  The goal is to freshen the town up and not let too many area’s get too stale.  Major works are under way all over town, starting first, with Lapara, and working its way to the annual Astrate Infrastructure Improvement District Projects (AIIDP).

One of the projects is to restore the area between the old depot and the Lapara State Building.  The old depot is one of the three oldest buildings in town and originally had a park beside it.  Sometime in 2012/2013, this was removed.

(Photo provided by the Lapara State Archives)

sl postcard

And today.


The alley is no more, and the buildings have been moved.

This has created the most immersive park in Second Life.  Thanks to its position on the mainland, the mountain backdrop gives a sense of being in a valley, with any SLRR traffic visible, and plenty of trains in view.  There will not be more than a minute before any trains go by on one of two lines.  And looking south, the city looks infinite.


The old depot park is connected to a rail trail that goes up to the High Line Park, and you can walk to the other end of town (update to post tomorrow).


And a bonus image.  The many, many, many layers of infrastructure to build a mainland city that isn’t your typical one layer square grid.





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