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LRP Update

In clownskis, Lapara, Weekend update on July 26, 2019 at 2:24 pm

Work continues at a slower pace on the Lapara Restoration project.  But a few items to note.

New pavers were installed on Clownski Way, and surrounding area.


In almost 10 years, construction has come full circle.  First we had prims.  Then we had some sculpties (some of the older tracks still use sculpts).  Mesh came in claiming to be fancy and perfect – after the announcement panic.   Now, thanks to image layers, we’re working our way back to prims.  Some of the sidewalks and roads are mesh, but only some.

Viaduct Blvd.  The tracks and intersection still needs work.


And the most exciting announcement:

The 4th oldest building in town is getting a new lobby!  The equipment is being delivered for construction.


Afterwards, Foxglove Parkway will likely be redone again.  Although from some angles it is a great photographic place, we still have about 4 configurations left to make it more peaceful.

But until then, take a summer vacation in the national forest!





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