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New Roof put on the General Disaster Insurance Building!!!!!

In Uncategorized on November 16, 2017 at 6:46 pm

November 16 – Lapara – News so big, it has to have it’s own article.  For years (and years) an eyesore existed on the eastern part of town.  The General Disaster Insurance Building, originally made with prims, and a cheap texture never had a roof.  The three walls of the building is not constructed as an equilateral triangle, and construction was near impossible.

The issue here is that to put on a roof took too many prims due to there being no easy way to line up the edges without an entirely new building.  Conversely, this meant most photography was banned de facto.  You won’t find good images of this side of town.

This has grated on the good senses of the powers to be for so long, and with the recent training in a mysterious and secretive building technique, a new roof has finally been constructed.  At a cost of only 3 prims!

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Finally, after many nosebleeds, and height sickness, we have one less hideous issue in Ye Olde Lapara Towne!


Video from a visiting art exhibit

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A terrific video of the Wanderlust Art Truck that came through town.

Fall falls; the harvest ripens; the ducks fly south-ish.

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The seasons settle in.Snapshot_009Snapshot_010Snapshot_012Snapshot_336

Conquest of Astarte is Complete

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In the early hours, the Lapara Militia conquered – with no resistance – the last completing segment of land between the Second Life RailRoad(SLRR) and Route 1.

Immediate plans call for a State Forest, with possibly one municipal storage building.  Astarte did not have a decent prim farm in the same manner that Lapara always has, and this will hopefully fulfill that need.  The city design, overall, is that the edges of town are generally sparse in prim usage.

General Clownski would like to thank all of his renters, tippers, and other supporters for making this years long plan come to reality.


Happy Halloween

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Demolition of old Garage successful

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Today at just after 13:00 Second Life Lapara Daylight Time (SLLDT), operations to demolish the old bus depot to make way for a new park and this years Christmas Tree park commenced.

The operation was an astounding success.

Video is posted:  this blog doesn’t allow video.


Special Event: Art Show draws millions

In Art, Lapara, Uncategorized on October 2, 2017 at 11:39 am

A visiting truck art show has taken over Lapara’s Central Park.  People have been arriving by the busload, trainload, and cabload.  Starting from the landing point, to the truck itself, 27 separate works can be viewed of varying style and mediums.  From paintings to sculptures.



This is Levi Clownski, on 10 news at 10 on 10.

Website is now live!

In Lapara, Uncategorized on September 29, 2017 at 3:15 pm

After much too long, the Lapara Official History (LOH) website is now online.  Half educational, half sentimental, it provides users with information about what it actually is that visitors are staring at!  Full of interesting information, and photographs.

This is only the first draft, archival images need to be sorted and placed onto each file.  Also, there are about 5 more pages that have yet to be completed.

The Official Website of Olde Lapara Towne


Reporting from Lapara Central Command

Traffic Delays on parkway due to disabled vehicle

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People traveling the yet-to-be-named parkway this morning hit a jam as the road merged into one-lane. Evidently, if your viewer crashes just right, some vehicles suffer mechanical issues.


For all your needs

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Fair prices for stocking up on ice cream and cigarettes to last an entire shift.