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About those Neighbors

In internet, Lapara, Weekend update on March 20, 2020 at 4:33 pm

I had these neighbors.  They had a horse farm and a DFS farm.  Scripts went above 7000 in the sim.  Trains wouldn’t run on time.  I had to retime the entire sensor network.  Bus service had to stop.  It took me a while to figure out the cause, I thought it was Second Life, but then why does Lapara work so well?

They abandoned onto the next sim.  Everything went back to normal.  Other people abandoned.

Then one day, they came back.  They bought the entire strip.  I’m grateful that there is life, however it’s a couple municipal buildings and a loading dock.  But mainly, it’s market stalls.

Laggy Market Stalls.

And a puppy mill.

Scripts are increasing by 100 per day in the load.  I can’t even turn a scooter.

This sim performance meter never goes to the top.  I have never seen one of these measure such poor performance.  Sometimes it even turns yellow whilst I just stand and stare at it.


Of Prims lost, and Prims found

In Lapara, Weekend update on March 4, 2020 at 4:08 pm

Sometimes you rez an object.  You can’t find it.  Did it rez?  Is it somewhere you can’t find?  In a wall, in the ground?

Imagine having a sim for 10 years.  How much stuff do you think can be lost?

Recently, While looking in the sky, I found an old toy helicopter that I rarely get to play with.  29 Prims.  This thing was 500 feet higher from where I would normally use it!


Last month some unused C4 was discovered under a park.

I wonder just how much other stuff lurks behind the next wall

Connecting the portal to the new alignment

In Lapara on November 13, 2019 at 6:00 am


The new tracks are only a few feet away from the old alignment.  Three feet for the inbound track and nine feet for the outbound track.  From rail to rail.  Instead of tearing down and rebuilding a whole building with its electronics and glass and bricks and billboards, we made a track loop.

As always, all work takes place at night.  We have 10 year floodlights that still do the job as good as any.

In this first image, the traffic signal will stay.  The tracks will circle around it.


The lower light will be re-positioned.Snapshot_597Snapshot_598Snapshot_600

There were two tracks previously.  We now have two loops AND a crossover track!Snapshot_601Snapshot_602

That means I’ll have to do some electrical work for the rare case a train will have to wrong rail right here to get to the other door.

Here are the videos of the new run.  It clears the pole so nicely.

Maybe other sims will put it all on a straight line.  But I really like wedging things into existing spaces.  The S-curve on the train makes this look rather exciting.

Hard Hats and reflective gear is required.